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  • • Text scanning, optical character recognition, and typesetting

  • • Diagram conversion from bit-mapped scans to high-quality vector diagrams

  • • Photographic enhancements for high-quality reproduction.

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Sprucing Up Content
Gear Technology Magazine

Introduction to Gear Design

Converted from an old scanned printout, this book now has all-new diagram conversions along with improved editing, numbering, typesetting, internal/external hyperlinks, and formatting for print, tablet, or HTML. Used with permission.

“Both versions look good ... I very much like the work you have done ... Thanks for your hard work.”

Charles D. Schultz, p.e.
Beyta Gear Service

For more information, see Book & Monograph Design.

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Figure 33: PDF Conversion — Introduction to Gear Design
Slide Rule Guide

“Thanks, it looks great! Very impressive conversion!”

An example of a document from 1956, scanned with optical character recognition, typeset with the document system, presented with scalable vector graphics (SVG) format for display and print quality.

The full document: 1956 Data Guide — “Slide Rule Guide” — PDF, Mario G. Salvadori and Jerome H. Weiner, originally edited by Joseph L. Leon — Data-Guide, Inc. 1956. Document in the public domain.

Scanned from the original document:


Figure 34: PDF Conversion — Slide Rule Guide — Before

Electronic format from the final document:


Figure 35: PDF Conversion — Slide Rule Guide — After