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tocdata package

Anthologies may be printed with the author alongside each title in the table of contents. Many commonly-recommended methods for doing this with place the author above or below the title and page number, but seldom on the same line.

The tocdata package provides some basic infrastructure to help add some information to a line in the table of contents.

This function requires the use of either the titletoc or tocloft packages.

Additionally, user-level macros are provided which add the author’s name to a chapter or section, and add the artist’s name and optional additional text to a figure. Author and artist names are also added to the index.

tocdata works with the TOC/LOF formatting of the default classes, memoir, koma-script, and with titletoc, tocloft, tocbasic, and tocstyle.

Latest News


Fix for starred sections, supports additional classes and packages.


Fix for section name formatting.


Fix for core section entries.


Adds custom float types and float authors.


Adds improved spacing, improved paragraph handling, and optional text alignment.


Download the tocdata package from the tocdata page on CTAN — the Comprehensive Archive Network, or use your distribution’s update tools.

The tocdata v2.03 manual is also available here.



Figure 50: tocdata Samples