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Inconsolata LGC Markup — Font

The popular Inconsolata font is a mono-spaced font commonly used by programmers, and it already provides a clear differentiation between most glyphs, such as O and 0 for example.

Others have added Greek and Cyrillic glyphs, along with bold and italic versions useful for syntax highlighting, thus forming the Inconsolata LGC font.

Text-document markup languages (such as , AsciiDoc, or markdown) have additional requirements. The ability to distinguish between the various kinds of quote marks and dashes becomes important. Most mono-spaced fonts do not clearly distinguish between each of these look-alike characters, as seen in Figure 52.


Figure 52: Mono-spaced Font Comparison — Inconsolata

The following changes have been made to create the Inconsolata LGC Markup font:

  • • Shortened the hyphen to distinguish from the en-dash and em-dash.

  • • Lowered the minus to distinguish from the en-dash.

  • • The upright apostrophe and quote are replaced with simple vertical shapes, distinguishing from the text quotes and prime characters.

  • • Bolder bullet to distinguish from the center dot / multiply character.

  • • Numerous additional glyphs were corrected to pass font verification.

Visit the Inconsolata LGC Markup font’s web page at the Font Library.

Or, directly download the Inconsolata LGC Markup ZIP file right here.

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