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Improved Technical Communications

  • • Create a great impression by improving your technical and marketing documents. Potential customers, purchasing managers, and applications engineers are influenced by the quality of your technical literature.

  • • Publish nicely edited, formatted, and typeset technical books, white papers, case studies, and journal submissions.


  • • Remove objections, avoid misunderstandings, and create superior proposals by including thorough documentation, including user-interface and operating-logic design illustrations and state diagrams.


  • • Free your staff to work on developing new products instead of worrying about polishing documentation to publication quality.

  • • Improve product design through user-interface and operating-logic analysis and diagramming.

  • • Develop software from a full specification, including outlier conditions.

  • • Preserve institutional memory to speed the design of subsidiary products and survive personnel turnover.

  • • Re-publish quality journal articles on your own company’s home page, with improved technical editing and typesetting.


  • • Develop multilingual training aids with documentation which has been designed for clear translation.

  • • Help ensure employee safety with clearly presented warnings.

  • • Improve performance with easy-to-locate information.

Quality Control

  • • Work from clear and complete specifications, including full software test procedures.

Customer Service

  • • Reduce returns and support costs through clear customer communications.


  • • Improve patent applications with professional typesetting to USPTO requirements, and quality diagrams automatically and permanently cross-referenced to the text.

  • • Reduce legal issues and negative press by providing complete, clear, and consistent documentation and warnings.

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