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Inconsolata LGC Markup — Font

The popular Inconsolata font is a mono-spaced font commonly used by programmers, and it already provides a clear differentiation between most glyphs, such as O and 0 for example.

Others have added Greek and Cyrillic glyphs, along with bold and italic versions useful for syntax highlighting, thus forming the Inconsolata LGC font.

Text-document markup languages (such as , AsciiDoc, or markdown) have additional requirements. The ability to distinguish between the various kinds of quote marks and dashes becomes important. Most mono-spaced fonts do not clearly distinguish between each of these look-alike characters, as seen in Figure 52.

Figure 52: Mono-spaced Font Comparison — Inconsolata

The following changes have been made to create the Inconsolata LGC Markup font:

Visit the Inconsolata LGC Markup font’s web page at the Font Library.

Or, directly download the Inconsolata LGC Markup ZIP file right here.

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