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Software Documentation

Figure 19: Lwarp Package — File Structure

Labels, pins, call-outs, patent-application diagrams

Save time and energy! Diagram pins may be automatically cross-referenced to the patent application’s text, permanently linking them together, and avoiding the need to manually renumber every time there is a change in the diagram’s annotations. Patent application figures may be created from drawings, photographs, or CAD views. Formatting to U.S. Patent and Trademark Office standards is also available.

Figure 20: Diagram Label Pins — Mountain Bicycle

Figure 21: Diagram Label Pins — LP Gas System

Mathematical and dimensional figures

Figure 22: Flat-Oval Pipe Dimensions

Connection diagrams

Figure 23: Pressure-Control Air Connections

Processes, relationships, and state machines

Figure 24: SQL-Ledger Tax Overview

Figure 25: Electrical System Overview

Figure 26: Directory Structure

Figure 27: State-Machine Diagram

Conversions to vector line drawings

Figure 28: Load Cell Diagrams — Vector Conversions


Figure 29: Gas and Sensor Lines — Vector Conversion


Figure 30: Double-Helical Gap-Width Diagram — Vector Conversion

Figure 31: Camping Trailer — Side View — Line Drawing

Figure 32: LP Tank Valve — Handle and Connection — Line Drawing