Trailer Owner’s Manual

1 Welcome

We at (Company Name) would like to welcome you to your new (Product Series) (Product Name) camping trailer!

Many years of wonderful adventures await you as you enjoy a unique blend of outdoor living, indoor comforts, and towing ease.

While folded down for travel, your trailer fits into the garage until needed. Once on the road, its low height means high fuel efficiency and resistance to crosswinds.

At the campground, your trailer fits into small sites which no rv can reach. With the optional off-road package you can even explore forest roads and back-woods campsites.

When setup for camping, the raised roof provide spacious headroom, windows and vents open up the camper to the world, modern conveniences are right at hand, while insects and rain are kept away.

The hard-sided and insulated walls help to keep out the cold of winter or the heat of summer, assisted by the optional furnace or air conditioner.

Quick setup and tear-down allow easy access to the trailer for a lunch break, and a full suite of appliances make your trailer a comfortable place to reside for an extended stay.

Flexible floor plan options provide many combinations of tables, beds, bunk beds, built-in cassette toilet and shower, or an extended kitchen area.

(Company Name) has designed your trailer for on-the-go campers who love to get out and explore the world, while having most of the comforts and fewer of the limitations of a full-sized rv.


(Company Name)

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