Beyta Gear Service

Introduction to Gear Design

9 About the Author

Charles D. Schultz has been active in the gear industry since 1971. A registered professional engineer in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Mr. Schultz has presented four papers at AGMA Fall Technical Meetings. His work has included engineering over five hundred custom gearboxes, supervising a large industrial-engineering department, managing a custom-drive-system division, designing heat-treat equipment, conducting field-service operations, writing a product catalog, supervising a sales and marketing department, cost estimating, and teaching gear and heat-treat courses for co-workers and customers.

He has experience with a wide range of gear drives ranging from medical devices to bridge machinery, including metal-processing equipment and wind-turbine gearboxes.

Since 2008 he has owned and operated an engineering consulting firm, Beyta Gear Service.

Mr. Schultz is a technical editor and blogger for Gear Technology magazine.